D7 SMS Campaigner

Send customised text messages to a list of phone numbers from google sheet using Direct7 SMS gateway.


Easy sheet template

Easy template

Custom message

Custom messages

Global coverage for sms

Global Coverage

How to send a campaign

Create an account with D7

To send messages through D7 gateway , you need to create a D7 account, which will get you a API username and password.

Sign up
Configure Gateway

Collect D7 API username and password and, go to add-ons -> D7 SMS Campaign -> Configure Gateway .This will give you. A form where you can configure the gateway .

Other than API credentials, you need to provide a senderId which is an alphanumeric string registered with D7.(if this is not configured , “SignSMS” will be taken as default value)

Sheet template

Once you configure gateway , please create two columns in google sheet ,first column representing phone number and the second column representing message.

Then you can paste all your phone number and corresponding message line by line .

You are all set to send campaign.

Go to add-ons -> D7 SMS Campaign -> sent bulk campaign to sent your campaign.


Feel free to contact us at any time: support@d7networks.com