D7 Networks is a dream endeavour by a group of dedicated mobile experts

D7 NETWORKS is a dream endeavour by a group of dedicated mobile experts founded in 2012, specialized in Worldwide SMS Transmission and High quality Email Delivery. D7 Networks now provides highly reliable and cost effective SMS and Email services to businesses across all industries. We are highly focused to launch new services, increase message volumes and to expand our network-reach. Our aim is to connect all countries and territories via direct connections and we have achieved many so far.

The name Direct7 Networks is derived from what we believe our mission: Direct connections to 7 continents. !

We are processing millions of transactions daily for our clients in order to fulfil their messaging needs. Our highly trained team members are constantly monitoring the service reliability, increasing our service offerings and messaging portfolio in order to suit your business requirement. While there is no dearth of firms offering various SMS marketing services, the experts behind D7 NETWORKS with years of experience, realized the space in the market for a comprehensive product that would be the ultimate solution for your Digital marketing requirements. D7 NETWORKS has deployed the right mix of people and products to deliver value-added services and solutions to clients, where it makes the best economic sense with the slightest amount of acceptable risk.

Some Fun Facts

SMS are read within 5 minutes.
Billion SMS users around the world.
Consumers reported checking their email at least once a day.
Billion email accounts.

Direct connections to Many Countries !

Why D7 Networks

A simple way to contact thousands of customers at once.

Over 80% of the population carries a mobile phone and we are moving towards a stage where there will be a mobile device for every single living human. We live in a mobile world and the way to reach consumers has expanded from the desktop to the laptop to the mobile device.
Imagine having a simple way to contact thousands of customers at once or send individual alerts at specific times. D7 Networks helps you to connect to all your Customers directly at once. D7 Networks is an aggressive SMS Service Provider of quality routes for wholesale and retail traffic termination globally. We have formed global relationships with quality providers and with several direct connections.
Our delivery platform is second to none and the service we provide exceed our customers expectations. D7 Networks rates are competitively priced and with professional support and systems. Our mission is to enhance our customer's business by providing solutions and services that enable business asset and consumer engagement over existing and new communication channels.
It has immense potential for effective customer relations, cutting administration costs and increased returns. Think everything from order tracking to targeted marketing messages, Booking-Reservation confirmations and Payment reminders to Debt collections.

With SMS and E-mail, your business can work more efficiently than ever before.

Provides highly reliable and cost effective SMS and Email services


Link your Business Applications to our reliable messaging gateway.


Direct7's SMS services uses several Direct connections and high quality routes to ensure your messages are Delivered across to the Mobile handset reliable and promptly. Our proven SMS Gateway sends millions of messages monthly across the Globe and our highly trained 24/7 support team members make sure the customers gets Uninterrupted and Excellent services.

What we offer
  • Direct Connections
  • High Delivery Rate
  • Reliable
  • Competitive Price


Use our Email services to send/schedule campaigns delivered right into the Inbox with assurance of your campaign appears as its designed to appear across all the email clients, browsers and devices and Track the performance of email marketing with detailed and graphical reports.

What we offer
  • High Inbox Delivery
  • Real-Time Reports & Logs
  • Creative Design and HTML Services
  • Cost Effective

D7 Networks helps you to reach your Customers Directly

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Phone : +971 508-031-705
Telephone: +971 551-745-393

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Skype- Sales: sales.direct7
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