Send SMS in Taiwan: Rules and Regulations

Explore the intricacies of SMS communication in Taiwan, including regulations, best practices, and insights for businesses looking to leverage SMS for marketing, transactional, and promotional purposes


Send SMS in Taiwan: Rules and Regulations

Taiwan, located in East Asia, has a total of 30.05 million active cellular mobile connections as of early 2023. This figure is equivalent to 125.7 percent of the country's total population. Utilizing SMS service can potentially help businesses reach out to more customers for transactional, verification, and promotional purposes. The following regulations and best practices must be followed to have effective SMS communication in Taiwan.

Country Information

  • Country Code ; TW
  • Calling Code ; +886
  • Mobile Number Portability (MNP) ; Yes
  • Mobile Country Codes (MCC) ; 466

The four main mobile carriers in Taiwan are Taiwan Mobile, Chunghwa Telecom, FarEasTone, Taiwan Star Telecom, and Asia Pacific Telecom (APTG).

Regulations For Sending SMS in Taiwan

For Local Companies

●In Taiwan, the SenderID is replaced by a Long Code in all networks.

For International Companies

● In all networks in Taiwan, the SenderID has been replaced by a Long Code.

● MNO with the name: Chunghwa Telecom does not support short URLs in the text and does not support concatenated messages.

● Please note that International Connection does not support promotional traffic.

Best Practises to be Followed

● Send marketing messages only to users who have previously given their consent.

● Send transactional messages only to users with whom you have a business relationship or who have opted in to receive them.

● It is recommended to display the URL and toll-free number for opt-out, opt-out via the website, or reply to SMS free of charge.

● Political, religious, unsolicited, or gambling content is not allowed.

● The best strategy is to communicate only during the daytime unless it is urgent.

● SMS campaigns should include HELP/STOP messages in the user's native language.

● Generic sender IDs such as INFO, SMS, NOTICE, etc. are prohibited.

● Do not contact users on do-not-call or do-not-disturb registries.


● There is no fee for Taiwan Sender ID registration.

● The charge for the service is per SMS submitted.

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