Number Lookup API

Improve your communication by obtaining information about specific phone numbers. Validate it to learn more about the phone number's carrier and country.

Number Validation

The API can check whether a phone number is valid and properly formatted for a specific country or region.

Number Active Status

By simply entering the phone number, you can check whether the number is active.


Provide information about the geographical location of a phone number, helping businesses identify where their customers are located.

Carrier Information

The API can provide details about the telecom carrier associated with a phone number and possibly other relevant information about the network.

Integration with other tools

Easily integrate with other tools and applications that help businesses streamline their workflows and improve their overall efficiency.

Identify Number Type

By identifying the type of number, whether it is a mobile, landline, or toll-free number, the business can determine the most effective method to engage with customers.

Use Cases


Marketing campaigns

Number lookup APIs can help businesses optimize their marketing campaigns by identifying the type of phone number and choosing the most effective channel to engage with customers.


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