Why do you need a verification API to safeguard your communication?

Discover how D7 verification API can help safeguard your business and protect your customers' identities.


Why do you need a verification API to safeguard your communication?

A user-friendly and feature-rich API adds an extra layer of security to protect your business from cyber-attacks. This helps to log in securely and authorize transactions.

Security is of primary concern for most businesses today, especially when it comes to API and D7’s Verification API is one of the industry leaders in the field. It is designed with stronger authentication using simple coding methods, allowing it to be easily personalized to your business.

How can the D7 Verify API help your business?

One of the most popular applications of this process is something most of us have personally encountered too- OTP Verification. Our system allows you to automate the entire OTP generation and authentication process, ensuring ease and security. Our lightning-fast delivery guarantee ensures that the OTP will reach the user’s device within 15 seconds, and the verification can be completed shortly after.

Due to D7’s direct Telecom Operator connections, you can be confident that we can authenticate any number from anywhere around the globe with a single API. If worries about increased costs are weighing you down, you’ll be pleased to know that D7 charges only for the SMS sent to verify. You get access to our 2-FA API at no additional cost.

It is effortless tointegrate D7 Verify into your workflow. Our feature-rich and user-friendly API is also very easy to customize to best suit your company or institution’s personalized needs and is designed using simple coding to address stronger authentication. It can be tailored to fit your organization’s needs.

Generate the OTP Code and Send it to the User's Mobile

Follow these steps togenerate an OTP code and send it to the user’s mobile

● SignUp and enter the D7 2FA API Token

● Call our Send OTP API with the number to Verify

● The code will be generated and sent to the number.

● Save this otp_id to your system for verification.

Verify the User Who Entered the OTP Code.

When a user enters the received OTP code for verification, call verification API with saved otp_id and OTP code entered by the user.

● Call our Verify OTP API with the user-entered code.

● Our API Validates and confirms Verification.

● On successful verification, a JSON response with the status "success" was returned.

● Now the process is complete, and the user has become a verified user.

What are the Benefits of the D7 Verify API?

D7 Verify API is a platform that provides identity verification services through its API. The API allows developers to integrate identity verification features directly into their applications, making it easier to verify the identities of their users. Here's how the D7 Verify API can help in the verification process:

1. Document Verification

D7 Verify API offers document verification services that can be used to verify the authenticity of government-issued IDs, such as passports and driver's licenses. The API can extract data from the document and compare it against the issuer's database to ensure that the document is valid and belongs to the person presenting it.

2. Data Verification

D7 Verify API can verify user data, such as name, date of birth, and address, against data sources to ensure that the information provided by the user is accurate.

3. Fraud Detection

D7 Verify API also offers fraud detection features that can help identify suspicious behavior or patterns, such as the use of stolen or fake documents

By using D7 Verify API's identity verification services, developers can help ensure that their users are who they say they are, helping to prevent fraud and improve the overall security of their applications. The API provides a fast, efficient, and secure way to verify user identities, which can help streamline the verification process and reduce the risk of identity theft or fraud.


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