Engage in Two-way SMS conversations with your customers

Send, receive and respond automatically with Two-way SMS service for better customer experience and communication with no delay.

Flexibility Of Two-Way SMS

SMS as a Chat

Build powerful Chat or Conversation flow using our Two-way SMS API to engage with your customers.

Virtual Number

Use through your choice of shared or Dedicated Virtual Number and Shortcodes to send and receive SMS Globally.

Cost & Time Effective

Two-way SMS messages allow you to Automate processes for solving customer problems effectively and efficiently.

D7 Two-Way SMS Work Flow

Two-way SMS work flow

Use Cases

There Are Many Ways To Improve The Interaction Among Your Company And Its Customers. One Efficient Approach For Every Enterprise To Advance Their Customer Service Is By Using Two-Way SMS Service.

Manage Appointments

Two-way SMS can be used as an Automated Appointment Reschedule or Confirmation tool to reduce the manual process.


Users can activate or de-activate their Cards or Banking Services to receive instant Confirmations.

Survey and Feedback

Collect Customer Feedback Efficiently to deliver outstanding customer service for their great products that customers actually want.

Customer Care

Customer can Send questions and concerns directly at their convenience to receive meaningful feedback without waiting in a long phone queue.

Personalised Marketing

Two-way messaging service Can be used for sending personalized Offer campaigns to Renew or Upgrade subscriptions.

Quiz, Contests and Polling

Two-way SMS can be used to setup a Quiz that offer goodies or to anonymously vote in your favorite TV show.

Integrate Two-Way SMS service into your Existing Workflow

D7’s Telecom experts will help you to integrate the Two-way SMS service easily into your workflow to meet your custom requirements. The end-user reply can be transferred to you either using API, Emails, our Online Dashboard or by SMPP.

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