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Get Started with D7 Messaging API:

  • Signup for free at the D7 platform to use our Messaging APIs.
  • Your D7 account will be active after the verification
  • We are providing some free credits while signup and you can test the service in this trial version
  • Your trial version is valid until you use the free credits
  • You will be limited to use our predefined D7 demo senderID and please contact [email protected] for registration


Using D7 Messages API you can:

  • Send and receive SMS,
  • Receive http callbacks for delivery notification (receipts) when SMS is received (or not) on mobile station
  • Check status of messages and message campaigns using seperate endpoint.
  • Send and receive text, audio, unicode/binary, multimedia messages and receive http callbacks when a mobile station sends you a SMS-MO.
  • Check balance


At present, our platform provides support for SMS and Slack messaging. Additionally, we are actively working on integrating Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram, and various other multimedia messaging platforms into our system. These platforms will be accessible through a unified endpoint, allowing users to switch between them by modifying a single argument within the messages section.

For Viber messaging, we have a dedicated endpoint available. You can find more information about it by visiting the following link: Viber