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Zoho CRM

Integrating D7 SMS with Zoho CRM establishes an efficient two-way communication channel between Zoho CRM and your customers. Direct7 Networks offers highly reliable and cost-effective communication solutions to businesses across various industries. D7 specializes in providing global SMS transmission, utilizing its own connectivity to connect with global mobile network operators.


  • Zoho CRM account (excluding the free version)
  • D7API account (For testing purposes, you can use a trial account without making a purchase)
  • Sufficient balance or test credits in the D7API account

Key Features:

  • Two-way SMS with push notifications on Zoho CRM.
  • Send personalized SMS within each Contact, Lead, and Deal.
  • Quickly send personalized bulk messages to your Contacts, Leads, and Deals in a single click.
  • Utilize advanced SMS templates with dynamic fields and the ability to convert them to templates.
  • Schedule SMS with a detailed report available on the user panel.
  • Automated welcome SMS to new Leads, Contacts, or Deals upon creation.
  • SMS Opt-out option for each Lead and Contact, also mapped with the Deal module.
  • Integrated SMS Activities report within Zoho CRM, including delivery reports.
  • Access SMS history under each contact and lead.
  • Receive unlimited Email alerts for incoming SMS.
  • Utilize Custom Function scripts to automate business processes.