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Receive SMS

Incoming SMS:

Zoho CRM users can receive incoming SMS by adding one or more dedicated numbers. The incoming SMS is delivered to Zoho CRM using the WebHook URL, which can be copied from the D7SMS extension settings.

  1. To obtain the WebHook URL:

    • Navigate to Settings > Marketplace > All > Installed > D7SMS > Configure.
    • Find "Incoming WebHook URL" here.
    • Double-click to select the URL and right-click to copy it. Image title
  2. Configure URL:

    • Configure this URL on D7API User Portal under SMS > Settings > Inbound Settings > Enable MO > Webhook. Image title
  3. Receive incoming SMS:

    • You will receive sales signal notifications whenever a new incoming SMS is received.
    • When CRM receives an SMS from a number, it will be linked to the corresponding Lead and Contact through search and find in the modules.
    • If no leads or contacts are found for the source number, a new lead will be generated, and the incoming SMS will be saved under that lead.
    • In the case of duplicate contacts and leads, the incoming SMS will be saved for the first item matching.
    • Incoming SMS details can be viewed in SMS Activities as well as inside the Lead, Contact, or Deal. Image title Image title