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Whatsapp Message

Message is the basic unit of any whatsapp communication. Our Whatsapp messaging API supports different types of messages. To make it easy to understand, throughout this documentation, we consider the message as an object (Ofcourse 'object' in the programming context).

The following types of messages can be sent to your whatsapp contacts via Direct7 Networks-

  • Text messages
  • Media messages
  • Contact messages
  • Location messages
  • Interactive messages
  • Templated messages

Out of these, all types of messages, excluding templated are collectively known as free-form messages.

Whatsapp Conversations

Conversations are 24-hour message window opened between you and your customer. Based on who initiated the conversation, whatsapp conversation can be broadly classified into two.

  • User-initiated Conversation:
    The user/customer starts a message thread by messaging the business. In user initiated conversations, responses are free of charge within 24 hours and any type of message can be sent back as response, ie, it includes both free-form and templated messages.
  • Business-initiated Conversation
    The business starts a message thread by messaging the user/customer. Messages sent outside the response window are considered notifications. Notifications must use a pre-approved template.

Read more about conversations here

The Whatsapp Message Object

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