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Get Started with D7 Whatsapp Messaging API:

  • Signup for free at the D7 platform to use our Messaging APIs.
  • Your D7 account will be active after the verification
  • If you are interested in using our WhatsApp Messaging API, you need to click the "Show Interest" button on the "Getting Started" page on WhatsApp.
  • Then our team will contact you to explain the further procedures and conditions.
  • After successfully registering your brand, we will provide a demo template for testing the WhatsApp Messaging API. You can test it through "Integrate API" section in "Getting Started" page.
  • You can also create your own template to test the WhatsApp Messaging API.


Using D7 Whatsapp Messages API you can:

  • Send and receive Whatsapp Message.
  • Receive http callbacks for delivery notification (receipts) when Whatsapp Message is received (or not).
  • Check status of messages using seperate endpoint.
  • You can create your Whatsapp template based on your message.
  • User-defined HTTP call-backs that are triggered by specific events. There is two type of events. One is Delivery events (Delivery events are the status updates of the Message sent to WhatsApp channel, such as Queued, sent, delivered, read, or dropped etc.) and the Other is User initiated events (User initiated message events are the messages that user has sent to the brand such as text, image, or document etc)

Before You Start

WhatsApp requires that business-initiated Notifications sent by your application be templated and pre-registered, with exception of messages sent as a reply to a userinitiated message. So you need to register your business account and also need to create a valid template.

  • After finishing the signup process. Come to Whatsapp getting started section and follow the steps. For setup your business account and register your number in whatsapp business account our team will contact you if you show your interest.

  • After successful on-boarding process. You get a demo template to test message from your registerd number. You can also create more template here.

    Note: For testing purpose we only support template type messages.

Features supported by this API

There are three types of open conversation types in whatsapp API

  1. Marketing — Marketing conversations include promotions or offers, informational updates, or invitations for customers to respond or take action
  2. Utility — Utility conversations facilitate a specific, agreed-upon request or transaction, or update a customer about an ongoing transaction. These may include transaction confirmations, transaction updates, and/or post-purchase notifications.
  3. Service — Service conversations help you resolve customer inquiries.

We supports:

  • Send One to One, Many to Many and One to Many message to WhatsApp.
  • Content Supported: Text, Image, Audio, Video, Sticker, Document with or without Buttons (Quick reply & calls to action)
  • Location
  • Contacts


At present, our platform provides support for SMS, Whatsapp, Viber, Number Lookup and Slack messaging. Additionally, we are actively working on integrating Telegram, and various other multimedia messaging platforms into our system. These platforms will be accessible through a unified endpoint, allowing users to switch between them by modifying a single argument within the messages section.

For Viber messaging, we have a dedicated endpoint available. You can find more information about it by visiting the following link: Viber