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Receiving Incoming SMS (MO/2Way)

Configure MO Postback

Users who wish to receive MO must enable MO and configure Webhook in the dashboard settings. You will receive the call back from IP: Image title

Additionally, it's important to note that this postback is sent as formData in the POST method.

Receiving Attributes

Parameter Value / Pattern Example(s)
mo_id Message id for the incoming message d9835609-a4e0-10ea-a26a-eeafbe700fef
sender Mobile number of the person sends message +9715765456xx
receiver Mobile number or short code of receiver SMSInfo
keyword The keyword in the SMS request Sample
text Message Content Sample Message


   "mo_id": "d9835609-a4e0-10ea-a26a-eeafbe700fef",
   "sender": "+9715765456xx",
   "receiver": "SMSInfo",
   "keyword": "Sample",
   "text": "Sample Message"