WhatsApp Business API

A comprehensive communication technology that enables businesses and enterprises to integrate WhatsApp into their customer contact platforms

Verified Badge

Build trust in the minds of customers by creating a verified business profile with a WhatsApp green tick, company logo, descriptions, contact information, etc.

Rich Media

Enhance your messages with pictures, audio, video and/or files to provide a more attractive customer experience.


Businesses can automate client interactions in real time by integrating a chatbot, which allows organizations to give instant responses 24/7.

Secure messaging

WhatsApp messages have an end-to-end encryption feature, enabling private conversations with your users.


Integrate the WhatsApp API with your CRM system to enable businesses to manage and track customer interactions more efficiently.

Message Template

Businesses can create predefined message templates according to their needs to send various updates to consumers.

No limitation in Sending

Easily start and manage thousands of customers with a single business phone number


Reach the target audience with a single click; it is a powerful conversation in a personalized way.

Fastest Delivery

Instant information sharing platform, which improves customer response rates and faster onboarding.

Messaging Use Cases


Alerts and Notifications

Use WhatsApp messaging to reliably send critical messages from flight notifications to booking confirmations and delivery alerts.

User Verification and 2FA

Securely protect customer accounts with user verification processes coupled with reliable, fast message delivery for 2-factor authentication.


Customer Support

Enable sales and support teams to respond to product or customer service queries using automated chatbots

Marketing Messages

Businesses can send personalized promotional messages, offers, and abandoned cart updates with a Call-To-Action button at the end of the message.


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