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Unlock customer engagement on the world's most popular messaging platform, WhatsApp Business API, and enhance your message with rich media like images, videos, and voice notes. Get instant responses from the WhatsApp Chat Bot. The D7 WhatsApp API provides 1,000 free conversations. Grab it Now!


How WhatsApp Business API Can Boost

In-Store & Online Sales

Direct7 Networks, an authorized Meta-Business partner, provides WhatsApp campaigns with a Fully Automated Onboarding Process. You can launch your campaign instantly without requiring any coding skills. The Meta Business Verification Assistance will verify your business and provide a Green Tick for more credibility.

There are no monthly charges, and you need to pay only for conversation. The dedicated customer service team will help you onboard without any hassle.

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WhatsApp Chatbot: One-on-One Conversations

Skip the hassle, chat with our WhatsApp chatbot, and get things done quickly and easily.Enjoy personalized support 24/7.

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WhatsApp Marketing: Connect,Engage & Convert

Reach customers where they chat and simplify customer interactions with WhatsApp marketing. Turn conversation into conversion

Boost Engagement

Transactional Messages

Integrate the WhatsApp API to send message for business-initiated conversations relating to a transaction, including post-purchase notifications and recurring billing statements, to customers who have opted in.

Market Your Products

With WhatsApp Marketing, businesses initiate conversations to market a product or service to customers, such as relevant offers to customers who have opted in.You can send your promotions as images,videos, etc...And a CTA button to act instantly

Automated Customer Service

Any user-initiated conversation, such as to resolve a customer inquiry with the help of the WhatsApp Bot API,. Having a direct line to your customers fosters a sense of immediacy and personlised experience.

OTP Verification Messages

Business-initiated conversations that enable businesses to authenticate users with one-time passcodes at multiple steps during the login process.

Verified Badge for Your Business

A verified badge with a WhatsApp green tick, company logo, descriptions, and contact information enhances your business's credibility.

Secure messaging with Customers

With the end-to-end encryption feature of the WhatsApp messaging API, you can have private conversations with your users.

Showcase Your Product With WhatsApp Catalog

By building a catalog that appears on their company profile, WhatsApp Business app users can share their goods and services with potential clients.

Schedule and Broadcast Your Messages

Use the broadcast list feature to send WhatsApp bulk messages to multiple contacts at once. Additionally, you can now schedule your messages.

Attract Your Customers With Rich Media

WhatsApp supports media-rich messages such as images, audio, videos, and PDFs, which is an effective way to engage and retain new leads.

  • What is Official Business Account on WhatsApp?

    Official Business Accounts on WhatsApp (OBA) are verified profiles created by businesses to establish an official presence on the platform. These accounts undergo a verification process by WhatsApp to confirm their authenticity


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