Customer Frustration Due to Delay in SMS Delivery

Explore the common causes of delayed SMS delivery and provides practical solutions to ensure your messages reach their destination on time.


Customer Frustration Due to Delay in SMS Delivery

How does the word "time" influence your SMS Services?

Steve is the busiest businessman. Once, he needed an unplanned trip to another city for business purposes. He checked the travel options and found that the availability of tickets was very low. He started booking the available seats online. He needed to enter an OTP sent by the bank to confirm the payment. He didn’t get it before the validity of OTP expired. He requested it again and again, but all the attempts failed. By the time the travel site booking session expired, all the seats were fully occupied. Steve became unhappy and complained to the concerned bank. The bank received multiple complaints about not receiving OTPs on time from various frustrated customers.

The Importance of Quick SMS Delivery

“If you’re too slow, the competition is going to win your audience over.”

Instant SMS delivery has become more and more important as SMS is increasingly used as a way of sending secure codes for bank transactions, online purchases, logging onto apps, and other online services.

One-time passwords become invalid in a fraction of a minute. When a user gets a late delivery of anOTP through an SMS text message, it may have a terrible impact on your business efforts.

If the appointment reminders for a business meeting were delayed, it would harm your business. Missed appointments cause a loss of productivity and slow down overall business growth.

Time is crucial in crisis communication. If the information couldn’t be disseminated rapidly, the rescue operations would become slow and worsen the situation.

Timely messaging strategies are also a form of reputation management because they show customers that they are valued and welcomed.

What are the reasons behind the delay in SMS delivery?

  • SMS messages may be delayed if the customer is outside the network
    coverage area.

  • The customer may turn off "Receiving SMS messages" so that SMS
    can’t be delivered to that number.

  • Heavy network traffic can be a reason for SMS delays.

  • The customer might have opted for the Do Not Disturb feature.

  • There is a possibility that your inbox is full or the message application is
    frozen, and you are not receiving any new SMS.

  • For security reasons, local regulations may restrict SMS text messages.

  • Another reason for SMS message delays is an error on the operator's

  • Operators block SMS routes from time to time.

  • The error in the operator’s server may delay SMS delivery.

  • Some countries or operators are blocking some types of senders or A2P
    messaging platforms.

  • If the sender and receiver use different networks, there is a probability
    that the messages will be delayed.

  • The number is roaming.

  • The recipient's phone is switched off.

Selecting the right SMS service provider becomes very important. They must
provide fast delivery and good customer service

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