How to create a Viber business account.

Effortlessly create your Viber Business Account with D7, powering seamless communication for elevated business success.


How to create a Viber business account.

Viber, A versatile messaging app offering free calls, texts, and media sharing. Enjoy secure communication with end-to-end encryption, and explore engaging features for personal and business interactions, Viber business messaging is a communication tool that allows businesses to send promotional, transactional, or conversational messages to their customers in the same thread. Businesses can benefit from using Viber to communicate with customers by sending promotional messages, notifying them about important updates, answering customer queries, and providing support.

What is Viber Business communication?

A Viber business profile differs from a regular Viber user profile as it displays information such as your logo, company description, website, and contact details. Viber for Business is a powerful tool for brands to manage their customer relationships via messaging. Viber Business Messaging is a platform that allows businesses to communicate with their customers through the Viber messaging app. These messages can be promotional, conversational, or transactional. Transactional messages are simple text-only messages that are automatically sent by the company to inform customers of updates.

How to open a Viber business account ?

To start a Viber Business Message, the first step is to have a verified profile and partner with the right messaging provider. D7 can assist you in launching your Viber business account and support you throughout your business journey with Viber. Our goal is to ensure that you have the best possible experience.

  • Navigate to the Viber Business Account section.

  • Follow the provided instructions to integrate the D7 API into your Viber business account.

  • Complete the necessary verification and registration steps.

  • Once verified, you can start utilizing the D7 API to enhance your Viber business account features and functionalities.

Some of the importance of Viber business communication,

Personalized communication

Viber business communication provides one-to-one marketing and enables active audience engagement. Brands can personalize their communication with customers.

Rich media sharing

You can send messages with images, links, and CTA buttons in a single thread.

Customer engagement

Customers can reply to messages, so businesses can engage in conversations.

Promotional messages

Easily engage your customers through Viber Business Messages send offers, promotional, product updates and more can send personalized communications with their customers.

Secure messaging

Providing comprehensive security for users and businesses, ensuring a sense of safety in personal chats or interactions with businesses. It provides end-to-end encryption for private chats and calls, along with encryption in transit for business messages.

Establishing a business account is a crucial aspect of your marketing strategy. D7 simplifies the challenges of creating your Viber business account, streamlining communication with customers, and aiding businesses to achieve their targeted goals effortlessly.


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