Unlocking the Potential of Viber Business Messaging: A Comprehensive Guide for Businesses

Discover how Viber's business messaging can help you streamline your business communications and improve efficiency


Unlocking the Potential of Viber Business Messaging: A Comprehensive Guide for Businesses

Viber business messaging is a communication tool that allows businesses to send promotional, transactional, or conversational messages to their customers in the same thread. Businesses can benefit from using Viber to communicate with customers by sending promotional messages, notifying them about important updates, answering customer queries, and providing support.

Viber Business Messages can be used in three ways

● Transactional

Transactional messages on Viber serve a specific purpose related to a user's interaction with a business. This could include order confirmations, shipping notifications, account updates, or other transaction-related information.

● Conversational

Viber Business API extends the conversational messaging capabilities of Viber to businesses, enabling them to engage with their customers in a more interactive and personalized manner. It allows businesses to initiate and maintain two-way conversations with their customers. Leveraging rich media content, including images, videos, and interactive buttons, creates a more visually appealing and dynamic messaging experience

● Promotional

Viber promotional messages are communications sent by businesses to Viber users with the primary goal of promoting products, services, or special offers. The primary purpose of Viber promotional messages is marketing and promotion. Businesses use these messages to showcase new products, announce sales, share discounts, or promote events to a wide audience.


What are the features that help businesses use Viber as a communication tool?

Two-way communication

You can communicate with your customers in real-time by answering their questions, resolving their issues, and supporting them quickly and easily.

Rich media

Rich media messages, such as images, videos, and files, can be sent via Viber, and it is easy to create engaging and informative marketing content that will keep your target audience's attention.


You can automate your workflows by integrating your existing app with D7 Viber Messaging API

Secure Messaging

The end-to-end encryption in Viber messages ensures the security and privacy of your messages

Getting started with the Viber Business Messages API is easy. Sign Up with Direct7 Networks and our customer executive will lead you with more information you require.


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