Will Your SMS Strategy Increase Your ROI During This Festive Season?

Discover the potential of SMS for brand communication. Explore the opportunities to increase sales during the festival season.


Will Your SMS Strategy Increase Your ROI During This Festive Season?

Christmas and the New Year are approaching, and every company wants to take advantage of the chance to generate sizable sales. One of the most effective ways to grab a piece of this cake is through aggressive bulk SMS marketing. It is an immediate and cost-effective way to spread holiday cheer and promote special offers to customers. Businesses can use SMS to communicate time-sensitive promotions and discounts, provide customers with special gifts or services, and remind them to buy presents for their loved ones.

What benefits do SMS messages have for seasonal sales?

As per a recent study by Finance Online 48% of consumers use SMS as their preferred channel for receiving brand updates.


The majority of SMS messages are read three minutes after delivery, making it the perfect tool for promoting sales and clearing out the clutter in inboxes. SMS marketing engages your customers in a direct, personal, and cost-effective manner and can direct them right to your place of business. Particularly during the holiday season, when everyone is undoubtedly willing to spend more money,

Additionally, there are those who "shop last-minute," meaning they wait until the very last minute or simply don't have time to buy a gift, reserve a table at a restaurant, arrange for a holiday vacation tour, etc. A quick and effective way to get your customers to shop is through SMS.

Top Promotional Strategies To Use During the Holidays

Here are some ideas you can use during this holiday season to boost sales:

Welcome, new clients. A welcome SMS is a great way to show interest in a new client while also fostering excellent client relations.

Personalize your message. The inclusion of the customer's name in the message makes the recipient feel valued.

Send Festival Greeting SMS: The festive season is the time when people are willing to go shopping. Sending the festive greeting SMS at this time will surely bring customers to your shop again.

Offers for Savings: According to studies, 45% of consumers say that the best time to shop for the holidays is when there are sales and discounts, and they prefer SMS to emails.

Mobile Coupon Redemption: Coupons delivered via SMS have redemption rates 10 times higher than printed coupons.

Sending deals and coupons: People enjoy shopping during the holiday season, so they'll want to receive bulk SMS messages with exclusive discounts and deals.

● You can even add Sprankle by offering a discount for prompt purchases. For example, send Secret Santa-style discount codes

Offer a gift with every purchase: In addition to boosting sales, including a small gift with every purchase can also make customers feel special during the holiday season.

Offering Gratitude by Sending special deals and loyalty points

Send SMS with time-sensitive messages like Flash sales, limited-time offers, etc

Using links to promote your online presence: You can incorporate links in SMS messages to encourage the customer to view your site. View seasonal promotions, new products, and blogs. Smartphone capabilities can effectively ensure that customers are simply a text message and a click away from viewing your site.

● Include a holiday theme in your SMS marketing campaigns.

Order confirmations and delivery updates: Contact customers with a bulk SMS text to let them know that their order has been received. Another significant way to provide exemplary customer service.

● Notify about abandoned cart: Notify the special discounts for the items already in the cart.

Organize your sales: Set aside a day for a sales discount and reward the first few customers. Make the reward enticing and hard to refuse.

Opt-in users: Ensure that everyone to whom you send marketing communications has given their consent. And make sure you always provide an opt-out. Additionally, be sure to always offer an opt-out.

Thank You Message: Every customer on your contact list should receive a thank-you SMS from you expressing your gratitude for their business.

Drive More Sales Using D7 SMS API

D7 Networks understands SMS marketing and communication like the back of their hands. They can make your business marketing goals a reality using an SMS gateway API tailored to your needs.

A few salient features of D7 Network’s SMS API gateway are:

Direct Connections

D7’s direct connections guarantee the best and most speedy SMS delivery. Your business can send and receive messages with our SMS APIs as well as cross-check reports, schedule messages and organize contacts

High Delivery Rate

D7 Networks guarantees a high delivery rate for your SMSs, which is quick too. Within 20 seconds, even your high-volume critical messages can reach your potential as well as established clients.


Everyone uses mobile phones, which makes SMS a reliable tool that is more widely used than other methods requiring an internet connection. With SMS, you can reach a wider consumer base at any point in time and at any place.

Competitive SMS Pricing

The affordable SMS pricing is one of the main reasons why this is an effective tool for businesses. It’s competitively priced and efficient as compared to other communication tools. All in all, it spells out a great return on investment.


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