The Impact of SMS Services on E-commerce Businesses

An informed customer is a happy customer.SMS is the most effective way in e commerce to connect with your customers for marketing as well as transactional purposes.


Elevate Your E commerce Business with SMS Services

E-commerce, or electronic commerce, is the buying and selling of goods or services electronically on the Internet. SMS notification plays an inevitable role in the e-commerce support system. It is primarily a method for communicating offers and other information to consumers.

Why is SMS marketing effective in e-commerce?

Texting has become a significant part of many of our lives. The main benefits of text messaging in e-commerce are as follows:

  • Compared to email, the SMS engagement rate, SMS open rate, and response rate are high. As per various statistical reports, around 95% of texts will be read within 3 minutes of being sent, and the average response time for a text is 90 seconds.

  • Text messages are personal, make customers feel special, and provide instant support. This reduces customer service needs.

  • SMS marketing is cheaper than other traditional types of marketing

  • SMS allows e-commerce to connect with a broader target group immediately, which helps increase the conversion rate.

  • SMS uses mobile networks rather than data packs or internet connections, making it possible for anyone to receive SMS anytime, anywhere.

How does text messaging accelerate the e-commerce business?

In the e-commerce industry, SMS marketing is ideal for promotional, transactional, and OTP messages. The main use cases are as follows:

  • Sending out coupons, special deals, and discount coupons is one main use case for SMS.

  • The online store can share information about the new product launch and a clickable link for interested customers to act upon.

  • Promote the sale via sending SMS about Clearance sales, special occasion sales, flash sales, etc

  • Promote websites via SMS marketing.

  • SMS helps the customer check the order status by sending information about, order confirmation, shipping status, and expected delivery, and if any instant delay happened.

  • Authentication and verification of customers by sending OTP.

  • SMS is an easy way to reach your customers for feedback about recent shopping. This helps to improve your business by retaining existing customers by sending them a thank you note.

  • The notification about abandoned carts can be sent through SMS and also encourages customers to purchase.

Messaging for your business is more than just getting support when customers need it. It ensures a hassle-free shopping experience for shoppers, as well as bringing profit for companies selling online.

Cinching Customer Loyalty is just a click away

D7 has been successfully helping many e-commerce vendors with SMS services. According to us, an informed customer is a happy customer.

The company’s approach can aid you in offering effective communication solutions for the following purposes:

1. Transactional :
This primarily encompasses automated reminders, OTP/verification codes, and notifications being sent out to customers. D7 Networks has the right module to integrate with your software, application, or website to ensure that your customers receive updates on everything that happens. The company uses its HTTP API, SOAP API, or RESTful API, which is supported across all programming languages.

2. Marketing :
D7 has an all-new Adaptive Marketing Strategy tool launched in a few countries that is focused on sending promotional messages to the right mobile handsets at the right time. Marketing is all about conversion, and D7 believes in the mantra“sending less, converting more.

Take a test drive with the D7 SMS Service and get 10+ free SMS. Send SMS online anywhere around the world with a 100% delivery rate.


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