Why is SMS the most effective brand communication channel?

SMS is a powerful tool in business as a brand communication channel. Learn more in the article about how SMS can help businesses increase sales and customer engagement.


Why is SMS the most effective brand communication channel?

A brand communication strategy supports branding initiatives. It informs, convinces, enlightens, teaches, and reminds customers about the products and services.

Many of a brand's most devoted customers are SMS subscribers, and they are enthusiastic about using SMS to get useful updates from their favorite companies

Why is SMS the most effective means of brand communication?

For a number of reasons, SMS is one of the best marketing tools available

High open rate

People will read your messages within a few minutes of sending them, according to studies showing that SMS has a 98% open rate. They are, therefore, a very practical and secure method for businesses to contact their leads or customers.

Customer Friendly

Millions of people worldwide own a mobile phone capable of sending and receiving messages, and customers prefer SMS to receive notifications from their favorite brands. Moreover, customers do not need to depend on Internet connectivity or download any app to access SMS. It saves their time and makes them feel valued by the brands they love when offers and rewards are sent to them directly via text message.

While also enhancing customer satisfaction with your brand's marketing, SMS lowers your risk of being flagged as spam or added to a do-not-call list.


SMS marketing is less expensive than traditional marketing methods. It exposes your brand to thousands of people at once.

Instant Delivery

Brands can reach consumers right away with SMS marketing. There is a chance of missing out on a promotion or offer if you choose to email your customers about it. Instead, if you text them, they are more likely to see it right away and take the desired action. Text messages are relatively short and easy to read.

How does SMS help with brand communication?

SMS notifications can be promotional, transactional, or for authentication and verification.

Promotional SMS

The business can communicate about its brand to existing and new customers via text message.SMS is the most convenient and cost-effective method of informing people about upcoming promotional sales, new offers, discount coupons, flash sales, customer loyalty programs, and other similar events. The customer is directed to the brand's website by the inclusion of a CTA (Call to Action) link in the text, which increases customer conversion.

Transactional SMS

Transactional messages are the result of actions taken by customers. This primarily encompasses automated reminders and notifications being sent out to customers. For example, when a customer buys any product from an e-commerce site, they get notifications about order confirmation, product delivery status updates, etc

Customer Verification

The business can verify the right customer by sending 2-factor authentication OTP methods. As a result, both customers and suppliers develop a sense of trust. E-commerce businesses can avoid product returns with OTP verification. In transactions with banks and other financial institutions, OTP verification is more important

An unforgettable brand communication plan is just a click away

D7 Networks is a one-stop solution for all your business messaging needs. We assist you in setting up a functional and seamless path of communication with your patrons.

We help your brands easily establish an effective and simple SMS gateway to communicate with their customers. Our SMS API services extend to include transactional, marketing, and time-critical SMS

When you send out a transactional SMS, your customer receives alerts of important information to keep them abreast, hence retaining their lifelong loyalty.

In combination with this, if you have a special offer or a new product on the shelves, you could send out a personalized marketing SMS to cement their relationship with you. Marketing messaging is also helpful in gaining new customers.

If the clock is ticking and you need to get your word out there with a time-critical SMS, D7 assures lightning-fast delivery (15 seconds maximum) too.

Our Verification API gives your business that extra touch of security needed in today’s cyber-threat-ridden world. The 2FA OTP verification is simple, instant, and easy to integrate into your workflow.

What’s best is that to test out all of these applications, all you need to do is sign up with us for free and take a test drive of our offerings. Even 10 credits will be given to you at no additional cost. You will soon notice that by using our SMS service online, you can reach customers anywhere on the planet in a secure and trustworthy manner!


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