OTP Verification API

User-Friendly and Feature-Rich Two-Factor Authentication API’s to add an extra layer of security to protect your business, application, Secure User Logins and Authorised Transactions.

OTP Generation

Complete automation of the verification process including unique One Time Password (OTP) generation and management.

Global Solution

A single API Authenticates any phone number around the globe using our direct Telecom Operator connections.

Easy Integration

Our API's are designed with Stronger Authentication with simple coding and easily customize to the needs.

No Additional Cost

We charge only for the SMS send for the Verification process. Access our 2FA API’s with no additional cost.

No Carrier complexities

We ensure your message reaches its destination by taking care of country and carrier-specific rules.

Instant Verification

Ensures excellent performance by delivering the OTP SMS within 15 seconds to complete the verification instantly.

D7 2FA Verifier API

Our User-Friendly And Feature-Rich API’s Are Designed With Stronger Authentication With Simple Coding To Easily Customize To The Needs And Integrate With Your Workflow.


Generate otp code and send to user mobile

You don't need to worry about otp code generation and deliver the otp code to user, all handled by D7 Verify API for you. just follow these steps

  • SignUp and enter the D7 2FA API Token
  • Call our Send OTP API with the Number to Verify
  • The code will be generated and send to the Number.
  • Save this otp_id to your system for verification.
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Verify user entered otp code.

When user enters the received OTP code for verification, call verification api with saved otp_id and OTP code entered by the user.

  • Call our Verify OTP API with user entered code.
  • Our API Validates and Confirm Verification.
  • On successful verification , JSON response with status “success” returned.
  • Now the process complete and the user become a verified user.
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