USA SMS Insights: Shortcodes,10DLC & Toll Free Numbers

The differences between short codes, 10 DLC, and toll-free numbers to send SMS to USA customers


USA SMS Insights: Shortcodes,10DLC & Toll Free Numbers

Would you like to send an SMS to the USA and Canada? Are you confused about how to do it?

There are shortcodes, toll-free numbers, and 10DLC numbers available that can be used for sending and receiving SMS services. We can't send SMS to the US without any of these registrations.

Shortcodes offer a convenient way to engage with customers through high-volume messages. At the same time, 10DLC provides a cost-effective, sustainable option for two-way texting and toll-free numbers to enhance customer service and brand recognition. Each option helps businesses optimize their SMS marketing and customer engagement strategies.

The easiest and least expensive ways to register are 10DLC and toll-free numbers.

SMS Shortcode

Short codes are 5–6-digit numbers for sending SMS on behalf of your brand. They're good for well-established businesses with time-critical and very high-volume messaging. It can be used as your branding nationwide and is best suited for “free to end user” (FTEU) messaging, and it supports multimedia messaging (MMS). Registration of shortcodes is a lengthy process, as there are many review processes for our carriers.

10-Digit Long Code, or 10DLC

If you have a brand specified in an area of the US and need a dedicated number with your area code, 10DLC will be the perfect option. You will be getting an area-specific advantage in this and can get it in 5–10 days

Toll-Free Number

Toll-free numbers can be used for all types of SMS services, including marketing. It’s a good option for a brand to implement the messaging strategy with its customers. Brands in the US and non-USA can get the toll-free number easily. The process to get the toll-free number will take 5–10 days

Connect with D7 to Simplify the Registration

Connect with us if you have US customers so we can make it simple for you to register for 10 DLCs and Toll-free Numbers. For more information, go to Pricing. Our expert team will help you ease the registration process


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