Sports Event SMS Marketing Kicks Your Sales

Explore the dynamic intersection of sports and SMS marketing.


Sports Event SMS Marketing Kicks Your Sales

Sporting events involve thousands of enthusiastic people. SMS marketing is a popular tactic used in the sports industry. Businesses can reach their customers via SMS in a variety of ways, such as through exciting updates, fixtures, results, or promotions.

Benefits of SMS in Sports Events

SMS technology can be useful in various areas related to sports events.

  • Promotions

There is typically a build-up of anticipation for sporting events that starts a few weeks before a ball is even kicked, served, or teed off. Promote events, goods, or services to people by using SMS marketing.

  • Sales at grocery and sporting goods stores increase significantly as a result of the sporting event, and sales are boosted by promoting special SMS coupons.

  • Ticket promotions are frequently used by teams to boost ticket sales and draw new fans to their arena or stadium.

  • Betting companies—In countries that allow it, betting companies can profit from the excitement that this thrilling event has to offer as sports betting becomes more and more popular with each new event. They could design an SMS marketing campaign, for instance, to reach out to past clients and draw in new ones.

  • Fitness centers or other sporting organizations should take care of potential members and maintain relationships with current ones by sending rewards and pertinent information.

  • Event planning: For sporting events, the authorities can send notifications about registration confirmations, venue indications with pertinent information, notifications of the participants' final results, notifications of upcoming events, etc. via SMS.

  • Timely notification of scores: SMS is an effective method to send instant notifications about the scores and current updates about the matches to fans.

  • Prerequisites for Entry and Exit: You can inform attendees of the event start time, any curfews, bag restrictions, prohibited items, mask requirements, and vaccination status requirements to ensure entrances and exits are as safe and easy as possible.

  • Text your fans updates on polls or in-game voting, contests at halftime, giveaways, raffle results, upcoming games, player statistics, links to other league games, promotions for future tickets, merch, or food deals, contests at halftime, giveaways, and raffle results, among other things.

  • Release and availability of ticket information: –Fans who have subscribed to your marketing messages may be the first to learn when tickets go on sale. You can also create urgency and let those on-the-fence fans know when ticket numbers are running low.

  • Season tickets The best way to guarantee that you can attend the biggest games for your favorite team, both in the regular season and the postseason, is to be a season ticket holder. Since you probably already have access to data about ticket purchasing history, you can target those repeat visitors and encourage them to upgrade to season tickets.

  • Alerts and Updates-Mass texting can be used to send immediate updates on things like weather considerations or delays, lineup adjustments, schedule changes, parking restrictions, and road closures.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind to curate an unforgettable marketing plan using an SMS API:

Call to Action

Do not forget to have a clear call to action- drive your potential customers to make the next move- and quickly. This should, undoubtedly, be the focal point of the text.

Keep it short and simple

The content of your text should be easy to understand, short and crisp. It is preferable to stick to the 160-character limit to deliver what you have to say- whether it is a reminder, confirmation or offer message. Make sure you skim over the texting lingo. Just keep it simple, silly!

Skip the unattractive URLs

If a link is a part of your message, make sure the URL is not too long as this takes up your 160-character limit which would much rather be used to deliver a call to action.


Even in bulk SMS campaigns, it is not challenging to insert the names of recipients and other personalized details. Discuss this option with D7 Networks while you work on your campaign.

Timing is important.

Use data to analyze the time that would best work for your message. Since the process happens in real-time, plan your timing in relation to when customers are expected to act.

An unforgettable SMS Marketing plan is just a click away. Head on over to D7 SMS API for more information.


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