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Get Started with D7 Messaging API:

  • Signup for free at the D7 platform to use our Messaging APIs.
  • Your D7 account will be active after the verification
  • We are providing some free credits while signup and you can test the service in this trial version
  • Your trial version is valid until you use the free credits
  • You will be limited to use our predefined D7 demo senderID and please contact for registration


Using D7 Messages API you can:

  • Send and receive SMS,
  • Receive http callbacks for delivery notification (receipts) when SMS is received (or not) on mobile station
  • Check status of messages and message campaigns using seperate endpoint.
  • Send and receive text, audio, unicode/binary, multimedia messages and receive http callbacks when a mobile station sends you a SMS-MO.
  • Check balance


Currently we support text messages (SMS), and we are in a process of integrating MMS, Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram and other multimedia messaging platforms under same endpoint. Users can easily switch between platforms by changing single argument in messages section.