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Receiving DLR

Configure Report URL

In order to receive message status reports via a URL, two options are available.

  1. You should include Report URL in the message body parameter report_url.
      "messages": [
            "channel": "sms",
            "recipients": ["{{recipient1}}","{{recipient2}}"],
            "content": "Greetings from D7 API",
            "msg_type": "text",
            "data_coding": "text"
      "message_globals": {
        "originator": "SMSInfo",
        "report_url": ""
  2. Set Report URL in dashboard settings Image title

Receiving Attributes

On the configured URL, you will receive the following details:

Parameter Value / Pattern Example(s)
request_id Request identification number d9835609-a4e0-10ea-a26a-eeafbe700fef
msg_id The message id for each messages in the request 7053a678-75fe-11ed-9e31-0242ac14001c
recipient Destination number +9715765456xx
originator The Sender/Header of a message SMSInfo
status This is the status of the message, and we have the following statuses: [delivered - Delivered to destination and confirmed], [sent - Was sent to telecom and is awaiting acknowledgement], [scheduled - Message scheduled], [undelivered - Failed delivery] delivered


   "request_id": "d9835609-a4e0-10ea-a26a-eeafbe700fef",
   "msg_id": "d9835609-a4e0-10ea-a26a-eeafbe700fef",
   "recipient": "+9715765456xx",
   "originator": "SMSInfo",
   "status": "sent"