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Welcome to D7API documentation!

Direct7 Networks is a messaging service provider that specializes in helping organizations efficiently communicate with their customers. The platform offers a user-friendly API that allows brands to seamlessly integrate and engage with their customers. With Direct7 Networks, organizations can leverage the power of messaging to enhance their customer communication strategies and ensure effective and convenient interactions.

By utilizing Direct7 Networks' messaging service, brands can ensure that their customers receive timely and important information, enabling effective communication and engagement

Moreover, our simplified API is designed to comply with both Unicode and normal messaging requirements. This means that companies can easily forward messages, whether they are single texts or in bulk, while ensuring compatibility with various character sets and languages.

Additionally, our inbuilt API is open to seamless customizations, providing the flexibility to revise the entire framework according to the network and specific messaging requirements.

Furthermore, our 2FA OTP (Two-Factor Authentication One-Time Password) service is not only cost-effective but also simple and instant. By implementing 2FA OTP, organizations can enhance security measures and protect against fraud.

Above all, easy integration of plugins with pre-existing applications and round clock on-call support make our service stand out from the rest.


  • Direct Connections
  • High Delivery Rate
  • Reliable
  • Competitive Price
  • OMNI channel Solution

Direct Connectivity

D7 is the best messaging service provider because it offers direct connectivity to message providers and networks worldwide. This allows for seamless communication across various platforms and ensures reliable message delivery.

Multiple platforms

The D7 API is designed to offer comprehensive communication solutions by providing direct messaging capabilities for popular platforms such as WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, and Tele networks worldwide. With D7 API, users can conveniently send messages across these platforms through a single integration, simplifying the communication process and expanding the reach of their messages.

Getting Started

We're here to help!

We provide 24/7 best-in-class support for our customers, via web chat, skype and WhatsApp channels. For more information visit the Contact us section at